Sunday, February 26, 2012

            Review time! I will do a discovered and undiscovered author.
            First up, Bound by Kira Saito.
Bound is a book a Arelia LaRue. She has heard spirits all her life and longs to be normal. When she takes a summer job and darkwood plantation things change when she meets Lucas.
             This book is different from all the other paranormal romance books about vampires and angels. (Which I love by the way.) This is about voodoo. The characters are easy to relate to and aren't perfect. Except maybe Lucas but he has his issues too. Overall it is a great book. Punished, second in the series is coming out Feb 29.
          Now for an undiscovered artist.
Dogpower77 has written many fan fictions on Twilight. My favorite is firelight and In the Arms of the Angel. Her books are on Wattpad. Please go check them out. They have many twists on the amazing book. You will never know what is happening next. There are some editing problems. Like misspelled words and wrong punctation. But remember she is indiscovered doesn't have it published and can't get an editor. Even if you don't like twilight you will love this book. Go check it out.

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  1. Hey, guys! If you have any YA paranormal romance books you would like me to review tell me. Or if you are an undiscovered author for paranormal romance tell me and I can read it and review it.