Friday, March 16, 2012

Reviews- Kira Saito, Sweet Torture and Twilight Twisted by me

    Hey peoples. I'm back. So Hunger Games is coming to theaters in seven days. Well actually a little less seeing as it comes out at midnight but whatevers. Anyway me and my friend are going to see it. Hunger games is really great but I've already reviewed it so here are your reviews...
     Sweet Torture by Kira Saito. It is a short story really amazing. I first thought it was just a plain romance, but Saito manages to squeeze some voodoo into it. The  title was inspired by one of her fans comments saying that Saito's teasers are sweet torture. It is a story about love, pain, and takes place in an everyday high school. The title describes the book completely. So go buy it and have some sweet torture.
       Undiscovered author is.... Well don't got one today. Think of one soon.
     Also din't forget to read my story Twilight Twisted on wattpad. Here is the link Go read it please.
       Chat with ya later!

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