Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reviews - Punished, The Way I See You

     Punished came out yesterday. It was amazing. So I will be reviewing it and an undiscovered author.
      Punished is the continued story of Arelia LaRue. It was overall great with no typos that I saw. I did wish there was a little more romance from Lucas and Arelia. Mainly all Lucas ever did was comfort her. So that was one problem. And then theres Sabrina. I think she needs an attitude adjustment and fast. Arelia needs to flat out tell her to stay away from Lucas. Besides those to things though it was great.
      Now for...... The Way I See You by star (aka. sparkledcrayons) This book is about Taylor Lautner (sigh) hot werewolf actor and his childhood friend Merabella. He comes up to his home town for her birthday where they become more than friends. They go out to eat one night and to protect her, gets shot. He  has amnesia.
        This book is amazing. It has been edited some so there isn't as many typos as you would expect. The romance Thats all I'm gonna say, but lets just say not good for people below thirteen. Anyways it is a great story. I recommend it to Taylor fans and people who aren't Taylor fans because it is so amazing.
         Chat with y'all later.

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