Friday, May 11, 2012

New Story, and Watty Awards, (PLEASE READ IMPORTANT)

   Hello peoples! I have some new story info. My story Give In is up and ready to be read. Here is the cover...

         If the cover doesn't give away what it's about then I'll give you a little hint... One Direction! So if you are one of the many people who likes them, please go check out my fan fiction. Here is the link.

         Also, Twilight Twisted will have a sequel. And on that topic, should I enter in the Watty Awards? If you don't know what that is I will elaborate below. If you do, here is the link where you can tell me if you think I should or not. You can pick either place to comment.     >>>>
             or    >>>>>

      Okay, for those who do not know what the Watty Awards are, I will give you a little info on it. The Watty Awards are a yearly thing, and started back in 2010. There are three main awards for each category. Categories being genres i.e romance, vampire, fan fiction, etc. The three main awards are most popular, on the rise, and undiscovered. There are also some other special awards for like best book trailer, best cast, best female/male character, etc. I would be entering for probably Vampire and maybe best female character i.e. Angelena. So now you know what the Watty Awards are, please give me some feedback at one of the links above.  The ones with the arrows by the >>>>

Chat with you later.

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