Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review-His Royal Ballerina By SanayaKant

      Hello, angels and read-a-holics, today I'll be reviewing His Royal Ballerina by SanayaKant. She is a very talented writer on wattpad. Here is a short description of the story.
      A ballerina comes across a prince who can't feel pain. She gets involved in a dangerous quest which will change an ordinary ballerina's life. Will she get back what was lost or lose herself in this enchanting story of a prince and his royal ballerina?
         His Royal Ballerina is hauntingly beautiful. It takes place around the 1870s. The story will hook you in and not let you go. I stayed up all night not wanting to stop reading it. I fell in love with your characters. They are all realistic and not at all fake and not believable. I love how you and the slight pinch of paranormal/fantasy in it. The romance is sweet and slow. It goes at a natural pace, though I did get frustrated with Rose and Thorn at some parts.
            Thorn will make you swoon and want to cry at his devastating past. Though some people in the story think Rose is lazy and gives up easily, you will come to find that she is determined and would do anything for those she cares for. My favorite character had to be Rose's best friend Violet. I loved her in this one part. I won't tell you what it is because it might spoil some of it. Lets just say more magic is used and she is caught in the cross-fire.
            His Royal Ballerina is also quite humorous too and I fell in love with it. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves romance and adventure. Overall this story is very well written and kept me interested all the way through.
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           *All stories on wattpad are free of charge. Some stories may be published some place where you can by them too. Description by SanayaKant, you can see it also at one of the links above.*

           Chat with you later, angels and read-a-holics!

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