Monday, September 3, 2012

Daily Lines from my stories

     Hello, angels and readaholics! I'm going to start posting lines from my stories, i.e. TWILIGHT TWISTED and GIVE IN. Here is one from Twilight Twisted, Introduction.
      My large chocolate doe eyes stared at me. I smirked. They made me look so innocent when I am clearly not. My long curly golden-brown hair sat on my waist. Good it wasn't frizzed out this morning. My 5'5" height was raised because of my leather boots. My golden skin shown in the light coming from the window. And my long, dark lashes brushed against my cheek.  My blood red lips were open slightly. I had to admit I looked pretty good. ~ Angelena
         I picked this one, because it gives you some insight on Angelena. She knows she's beautiful and she loves to use it. Some may say she's vain, which she is, but she also knows that the outer beauty is what matters. This next line proves that. It's from NEW MOON NEW BEGINNINGS.
          “It’s not the outside that matters. It maybe true that my beauty is greater than most, but that just comes with being an immortal. My beauty is fake and unreal. It is a creation of my power and my status as an immortal,” I replied. ~Angelena
             Well, there was the first Daily Line which will now forever be known as DL's. 

            Chat with you later! 

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