Saturday, September 8, 2012

DL (Daily Line) with a surprise

      Welcome back to another not-so-daily-line.

     You may know my past, you may know my present, you may even know my future, but you do not know this... ~Angelena (Defiance, a short story/novella) 

   Since I haven't done in five days, I'm going to do a couple more.

       “If you can read this, your either a vampire or a pervert.” He reads from my shirt. “So either I’m a vampire or a pervert it would seem.” ~ Harry (Give In)

         This is the scene where Amelie first meets the boys in the dressing room. Harry is leaning in to see what he shirt says. Amelie is always where some kind of shirt that either has a saying or a symbol on it. This is your first time seeing one of them.

And the last line is....

  “Tell me, have we met before,” he asked. 
“No, I don’t believe we have, Prince Derek.” His name sliding off my tongue seductively. ~ Emerald and Derek (The Emerald Thief)

     That line is from one of my many stories I am writing. This one is not a fan fiction. I have two stories that are non fan fiction, that there is a good chance I will post them. That scene is the first meeting of two of our main characters.

     Au Revior for now!


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