Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I've been Reading over Thanksgiving (TMI)

        Hey, readaholics! This is a continuation of my last post, Thanksgiving Special. If you haven't guessed, I have been reading The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I am on the fifth book, City of Lost Souls. I will do a review of the whole series together when I finish the books of the series that are out. So far, the first 3 books are the best books of the series, especially City of Glass. I am forever team Malec. I will not share spoilers, but I am really mad at Cassandra Clare right now. (All you Malec lovers should know why.)
        Anyway, I had heard about this series months ago, maybe a year eve, but I was always already reading too many series to try to read another. But with some of my favorite series coming to a close, and a movie of it being made, that I should read it.
       Speaking of the movie, what do you think of Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace? I know Jace isn't British, but I don't think I would mind if he used his British accent during the movie. During the trailer, I found Jamie's American Accent spot on if not a little bit humorous. Also, what do you think about Godfrey Gao playing Magnus. All I have to say is that they better make him have spiky hair and wear loads of glitter, or I will be seriously ticked. I think Kevin Zegers makes an adorable Alec. With just a little hair dye, he would looks almost exactly as I imagined Alec. Lily Collins though, is not how I imagines Clary at all. At least they dyed her hair, but it looks more of a wine red color then a flaming red orange.  I don't even think they made her wear contacts! Also what do you think of Robert Sheehan playing Simon?
        Tell me what you think of the actors who play the characters. Tell me who you would have play (insert name) character. Also, tell me what you think of The Mortal Instruments.

      Chat with you later!

Thanksgiving Special

       Hello, my fellow readaholics and others! It's Thanksgiving! For this special occasion, I am going to     give you a sneak peek of a story no one on wattpad has even heard on. Yep, you all will be the first to ever hear about it. Later, I will be telling all about a new story I'm reading. Most of you have probably heard about it anyways. (Hint: Its being made into a movie soon and it involves a secret world within our world.)
         Anyway, here is a sneak peek from my new series I'm working on. The Secret Series, Book 1. The title for it may change, and the title is What I Needed When I Least Expected It.
          Here's a brief description:
       Cally Harris's, a sophomore at Smith High School, life is taking a turn for the worse, and it is all happening because of one little incident. Cally life is acting like dominos: one incident leads to something else. Everything she has ever known or felt secure in is changing. Cally is left all alone after doing what she felt was right. 
         Secrets about her family are revealed leaving Cally shell-shocked. Her friends are gone. Her family doesn't care. The thing she felt would be her escape has turned into a nightmare. 
        She has no one to tell what is happening and has to keep all her emotions locked up inside. With so many things that have come crushing down on her and with no one to help bear her burden, she doesn't know if she can handle it all. She's right. She can't.
          Cally becomes suicidal. She cries every night. She pushes a blade into her skin, because she feels like it is the only way to take away the pain. Suddenly, things start changing. Cally starts feeling as if someone is trying to pull the blade away from her. That someone is there whispering in her ear to not pull the trigger, to not stab herself, to not take the pills. 
          A mysterious boy moves in next door. He is different from everyone else and seems to have a happiness that radiates from him. Even though, he has suffered a greater pain than her. Will he be the one to save her from herself? Will what he have be what he needs? Find out in Book 1 of the Secrets Series. 
         So there's the description. I will probably shorten it down later. If you are interested feel free to leave a comments. Tell me what you think is going to happen.
              Here is a sneak peek from the series:
        "Don't do it, Kimi. Please don't do it," he begged me. His eyes were filled with fear and concern.
        "It is what is best. You know that." My voice sounded calm and resigned.
        "Best for who, Kimi?' he was shouting now. His gorgeous eyes flared with anger. "Best for me? Best for what? Or is it just best for yourself, Kimi? You aren't doing what is best for anyone, not even yourself. You are worth more than this. You are better than this!" he reached out a hand for me. I didn't know what to do. ~ Kimi and Asher (Secret Series Book 1)
    Since this is so long,  the books and reviews will be on a separate post.
    Chat with you later!
PS. What are you thankful for?
       I'm Thankful for my books, my fans and friends on wattpad, and my friends from the real world.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review - The Mer Prince by Lindsey Owens

      *This book was given to my by the author to review. *

        I found out about this book from wattpad. I was hooked from the beginning. I couldn't wait for updates. She stooped updating though one day saying she was going to publish it. Months later Owens published it, offering to give a few free books to reviewers. I was lucky enough to get picked. My review will contain a few spoilers, but I feel they are appropriate to get my point made.
       The Good
     The books will pull you in. It's as simple as that. I loved the book. I loved the bonds and the romance. Zach and Gabriella's bond was swoon worthy and the best part...until the end.
      The Bad.
     Oh how I do not want to say what I'm going to say. I feel terribly guilty, especially given that she gave me this book for free, but it must be said. There are multiple grammar and spelling errors. I usually don't care about grammar/spelling errors, but it was atrocious. The grammar though could be looked over though. The worst thing about the book had to be the ending. Get ready for spoilers, because here they come.
    The romance was my favorite until the end. She tells him that she wants the bond broken, because she doesn't know if she truly loves him. Completely understandable. Then she never comes back and Zach keeps on loving her. He still wants her to be his even when she is now with some other mer. The worst part is that you know little about him. There was no great love triangle. She was with Zach and in the end she goes off with some random dude.  I hoped that there might be a sequel. If there was I would read it in a heart beat. I would at least liked to have gotten to read more about random guy. I wouldn't have been as angry if Random Guy had been all through out the book. But nope, you get a short little epilogue. I do not think there will be a sequel what with the epilogue, but I hope there will be.
      I do not recommend this to readers who are looking for a romance book. Besides the ending though, this is a great book. If you want a good fantasy book, this is the one for you
       I will be reading some of Owens other books. I don't believe she is a bad writer. I just think that maybe this just wasn't one of her best works.
        I feel terrible for all the bad I had to say, but I feel like it needed to be said. I hope you can respect that. This book might be for others, but it wasn't for me.