Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I've been Reading over Thanksgiving (TMI)

        Hey, readaholics! This is a continuation of my last post, Thanksgiving Special. If you haven't guessed, I have been reading The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I am on the fifth book, City of Lost Souls. I will do a review of the whole series together when I finish the books of the series that are out. So far, the first 3 books are the best books of the series, especially City of Glass. I am forever team Malec. I will not share spoilers, but I am really mad at Cassandra Clare right now. (All you Malec lovers should know why.)
        Anyway, I had heard about this series months ago, maybe a year eve, but I was always already reading too many series to try to read another. But with some of my favorite series coming to a close, and a movie of it being made, that I should read it.
       Speaking of the movie, what do you think of Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace? I know Jace isn't British, but I don't think I would mind if he used his British accent during the movie. During the trailer, I found Jamie's American Accent spot on if not a little bit humorous. Also, what do you think about Godfrey Gao playing Magnus. All I have to say is that they better make him have spiky hair and wear loads of glitter, or I will be seriously ticked. I think Kevin Zegers makes an adorable Alec. With just a little hair dye, he would looks almost exactly as I imagined Alec. Lily Collins though, is not how I imagines Clary at all. At least they dyed her hair, but it looks more of a wine red color then a flaming red orange.  I don't even think they made her wear contacts! Also what do you think of Robert Sheehan playing Simon?
        Tell me what you think of the actors who play the characters. Tell me who you would have play (insert name) character. Also, tell me what you think of The Mortal Instruments.

      Chat with you later!

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